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Use this guide to get started managing a When I Work workplace.


  • This guide assumes that you have received an email or text message invite to perform this setup.
  • Resources linked in this guide lead to articles related to use of When I Work on a computer via the web app. The extra screen size and advanced tools enhance your employee management. However, each article includes links to specific help for Android devices or iOS devices if available.
  • Your workplace may use additional When I Work products and features not mentioned in this guide. See our Help Center for more information.


  1. Click on the invite link in the email you received to register with your workplace.
  2. Enter your profile information.
  3. Set up your alert preferences to be notified of workplace alerts. Learn more about alert preferences.

More resources

Review these other important help articles that help get you started with When I Work.

Get to know the layout of the web app. See Web App Navigation Reference for managers.

Scheduling users

If your workplace uses Scheduling, review the following:

Managing Time Clock & Attendance

If your workplace uses Time Clock & Attendance, review the following:

Managing workplace and settings

Managers have access to edit workplace details and the account’s settings:

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Updated on February 6, 2023

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