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Determine how your staff uses the app by configuring your company’s scheduling settings. To configure, hover over Gear and select Scheduler Settings Scheduling Settings.

Things to know before you begin

You must be a manager or account holder to view and modify your company’s app settings.

Communicate settings changes to employees

To avoid confusion among employees, be sure to inform them of any changes to the account’s App Settings.

Scheduling Settings

The Scheduler Settings Scheduling Settings tab appears under Gear if your account uses the Scheduling feature.

My Schedule

These settings determine whether employees can set preferred weekly hours and split shifts:

  • Allow Employees To Set Preferred Hours: Allows employees to set the number of hours they prefer to work per week.
  • Split Shift Minimum Time: Determines whether employees can split shifts.
    • To prevent employees from splitting shifts, select Splitting Disabled.
    • To allow employees to split shifts, select the minimum duration for shifts created by a split.


Configure your settings to allow employees to see the full schedule or just their own. You can also set how you would like your employees sorted within the Scheduler.

  • Employees Can View Their Coworkers Schedule: Allows employees to view the full schedule in addition to their personal schedules.
  • Employees Can Only See The Schedule For Their Positions: Restricts the full schedule view for employees so that they can only see coworkers that share the same position.
  • Initially Display Only OpenShifts In Scheduler: Causes the full schedule view to initially display OpenShifts only with an option to load the full schedule. This feature is useful for businesses that heavily rely on open scheduling and have a large number of employees.

Shift Swaps & Drops

Set whether you want to require approval by managers before swap and drop requests can be initiated.Shift Swaps & Drops toggle

Require Shift Confirmation

Shift confirmation is a verification measure that lets you know if your employees have seen their shifts. When Require Shift Confirmation is turned on, users are automatically prompted to confirm their newly published shifts for the next two weeks.

  • By default, Require Shift Confirmation is enabled.
  • Turning off Require Shift Confirmation disables off the prompt that appears when users log into their When I Work accounts, but it does not disable shift confirmation as a whole. Users still have the option to confirm their shifts but are not required to do so.

Require Shift Confirmation toggle


Allows a manager to enable or disable the ability for employees to set availability preferences. This can help managers manage their employees’ availability so changes can or cannot be made by the employee.

  • Enable Show availability to all users to allow employees to view their coworkers availability on the full schedule via the web app.
Updated on May 21, 2019

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