How OpenShifts Work

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Schedule an OpenShift when you’d like an employee to pick up a shift instead of assigning it to a specific person. OpenShifts are a good fit when:

  • You want to give your employees the flexibility to pick up shifts that work best for them.
  • Your employees’ availability is complicated, and letting them pick up shifts themselves saves time for everyone.

Getting started with OpenShifts

The OpenShifts feature allows you to add shifts to the scheduler that employees can select to work based on their eligibility.

Schedule OpenShifts

Schedule OpenShifts using shift templates or by creating custom shifts.


TIP: Collapse the OpenShifts row when there are at least 4 shifts scheduled in a day for a simplified view of the scheduler.


Create OpenShifts on the go with the Android and iOS apps.


Publish OpenShifts

Publish the OpenShifts so qualified and eligible employees can pick up shifts. You can also publish OpenShifts from the Android and iOS apps.


Once published, eligible employees are notified based via email or on their mobile devices depending on their alert preferences

Who can take OpenShifts?

An employee is eligible to pick up a shift if they meet the following criteria:

  1. They are qualified for the shift based on their assigned positions.
  2. They are not already scheduled for a published shift.
  3. They are not scheduled for approved time off.
  4. They are not hidden in the scheduler.

When the OpenShift criteria is defined, you can view all employees who are eligible to pick up the shift.

Offer OpenShifts to specific employees

Click View currently eligible employees to select which employees can pick up the OpenShift.


Taking OpenShifts

After publishing the OpenShift, employees are notified and the first employee to view and accept the OpenShift gets it automatically. Employees can pick up OpenShifts from the web app or the Android and iOS apps.


OpenShift Requests

OpenShift Requests, also called Shift Bidding an option within an OpenShift that allows employees to express interest in the shift. Management can then view who has requested to pick up the OpenShift and select and approve an employee to work the shift.

Updated on June 10, 2021

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