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Schedule an OpenShift when you’d like a qualified employee to pick up a shift instead of assigning it to a specific person. OpenShifts are a good fit when:

  • You want to give your employees the flexibility to pick up shifts that work best for them.
  • Your employees’ availability is complicated, and letting them pick up shifts themselves saves time for everyone.

How do OpenShifts work?

When you publish an OpenShift, employees that are both available and qualified for the shift have the option to pick it up. The first employee to view and accept the OpenShift gets it automatically.

What defines an available employee?

An employee is available to take an OpenShift if he or she is not already scheduled. The employee must be completely available for the full length of the OpenShift. For example, someone who is scheduled to work from 9am-5pm would not be able to see or take an OpenShift that starts at 4pm.

Availability Preferences Do Not Apply

When I Work does not consider employees’ availability preferences when determining their availability for OpenShifts.

What defines a qualified employee?

An employee is qualified to take an OpenShift if he or she is tagged with a position that matches the position assigned to the OpenShift. Check out How to Create Positions and Tag Employees to Position(s). For example, an employee who is only tagged as a Bartender can see all of the Bartender OpenShifts, but not have any visibility to OpenShifts for other positions.

When are employees notified about OpenShifts?

When I Work notifies employees when:

  • You publish an OpenShift that they’re qualified to take.
  • You save changes to a published OpenShift that they’re qualified to take.
  • You offer them an OpenShift. When you offer an OpenShift to specific employees, notifications about the OpenShift are sent only to those employees.
Qualified Employees Are Always Notified

All qualified employees are notified regardless of whether they are available to take an OpenShift, unless you’ve offered it to specific employees.

Schedule an OpenShift

  1. Open the When I Work Staff Scheduling app.

  2. In the top-left corner of the screen, tap Menu button.
  3. Tap Schedule in the menu.
  4. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap Plus button.
  5. If you’d like to use a shift template as the basis for the OpenShift, tap it in the list. Otherwise, tap Custom Shift.Shift template choices
  6. Set up the shift details.OpenShift details
    1. Under Time, set the start and end dates for the shift. If necessary, adjust the start and end time.
    2. If you have multiple locations, select the Location where the shift will take place.
    3. Select the Position required for the shift. Selecting the position ensures that only qualified employees can see the OpenShift.
    4. Under Who, make sure to select Open Shift.
    5. Make any additional adjustments to the shift that are needed.
  7. When you’re finished, tap Checkmark button in the top-right corner of the screen to save.
    A confirmation prompt appears.Save OpenShift

    • If you want to save the shift without making it visible to qualified employees, tap Save (unpublish).
    • If you want to make the shift visible and notify qualified employees, tap Save & Publish.
Updated on September 18, 2017

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