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Tagging Employees to Positions and Schedules

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Tag employees to multiple positions or schedules at once to save time instead of tagging their positions or schedules one by one.

Things to know before you begin

  • Removing an employee from a position does not affect their scheduled shifts.
  • If you remove an employee from a schedule:
    • Their past shifts are hidden from the schedule.
    • Their future shifts are moved to OpenShifts.

Make sure you’ve made the correct changes to employees’ tagged schedules. The resulting changes to employees’ future shifts cannot be undone.


  1. Go to the Employees page.
  2. Select employees by clicking the checkbox to the left of their profile pictures. If you want to select all employees, click the checkbox in the top-left corner of the header row.
  3. Choose whether you want to set positions or schedules for employees.Set positions
    • To tag employees to positions, click Set Positions.
    • To tag employees to schedules, click Set Schedules.
  4. Check the positions or schedules you want to set for employees. The icon next to the position or schedule name determines whether an employee will be added or removed from a position or schedule:
    •   indicates that you are adding employees to a position or schedule.
    • Dash icon  indicates that you are not making changes to selected employees’ positions or schedules.
    • Empty checkbox   indicates that selected employees are not tagged to a position or schedule.
  5. Click Apply.
Updated on December 13, 2017

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