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Require OpenShift Pick Up Approval (Shift Bidding)

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Shift Bidding, also called “OpenShift Requests”, is an option within an OpenShift that allows employees to express interest in the shift. Require pick up approval on OpenShifts to allow users to bid on the shift.

You can also require pick up approval from your Android device or iOS device.


  • Shift Bidding is available on Pro level plans. The account holder can upgrade to Pro on the Account & Billing page via the web.
  • The pick up approval option is not available for OpenShifts that have multiple instances. If the pick up approval option is checked, the How Many field is inaccessible.
  • The pick up approval option becomes unchecked when saving templates or copying shifts and schedules.

Require pick up approval

Create or edit an OpenShift in the scheduler to require pick up approval.

  1. Click Calendar Scheduler.

  2. Create or edit an OpenShift.
  3. Check the box for Require OpenShift Pick Up Approval.
  4. Save and/or publish the OpenShift:
    • Click Save & Publish if you’d like to publish the shift and eligible employees.
    • Click Save if you don’t want to publish the shift yet. When you publish the shift, eligible employees are notified and can request to pick up the shift.

Shifts requiring pick up approval are marked with a pick up approval icon in the scheduler.

Updated on February 26, 2020

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