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After you add OpenShifts to the schedule, publish them to let your staff know they can pick up more shifts.

Publish and notify employees about all OpenShifts

Click Down arrow button in the OpenShifts row to publish and notify employees about just the OpenShifts on the schedule.Publish OpenShifts

Eligible employees are notified of OpenShifts

All eligible employees are notified of OpenShifts, unless you’ve offered it to specific employees. Click here for more information on what makes employees eligible.

Offer an OpenShift to specific employees

Check out our article on offering OpenShifts to specific employees.

Frequently asked questions

Who is notified about OpenShifts?

When you publish an OpenShift, employees that are both qualified and available for the shift are notified and eligible to pick it up. The first employee to view and accept the OpenShift gets it automatically.

What defines an eligible employee?

An employee is eligible to pick up a shift if they meet the following criteria:

  1. They are qualified for the shift based on their tagged positions.
  2. They are not already scheduled for a published shift.
  3. They are not scheduled for approved time off.
  4. They are not hidden in the scheduler.

What defines a qualified employee?

An employee is qualified to take an OpenShift if he or she is tagged with a position that matches the position assigned to the OpenShift. Check out How to Create Positions and Tag Employees to Position(s). For example, an employee who is only tagged as a Bartender can see all of the Bartender OpenShifts, but not have any visibility to OpenShifts for other positions.

When are employees notified about OpenShifts?

When I Work notifies employees when:

  • You publish an OpenShift that they’re eligible to take.
  • You save changes to a published OpenShift that they’re qualified to take.
  • You offer them an OpenShift.
    When you offer an OpenShift to specific employees, notifications about the OpenShift are sent only to those employees.
Updated on June 24, 2019

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