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This article describes how to make and publish your first schedule from a computer. While you can also use your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Android phone) to start scheduling, we recommend using a computer because the extra screen size greatly speeds up the process.

If you’re an employee and need to get your schedule via When I Work, register with your workplace to get started.

Before you begin

Step 1: Sign in to When I Work

From your computer, use a supported web browser to sign in to When I Work on the web.

Step 2: Add positions

Positions tag employees and shifts to a particular duty or skill. For example, a restaurant might have separate positions for cashier, waiter, and cook. Keeping employees and shifts separated by position helps you ensure that your business has the skill coverage that you need.

Create a position for each type of employee that works in your business.

Step 3: Add employees

Now you’re ready to add your employees. There are several ways to add employees:

Step 4: Create shift templates

Shift templates let you easily schedule shifts that consistently start and end at the same time. With shift templates, you can schedule a shift with a single click!

Create a shift template for each standard shift at your business. We recommend tagging shift templates to a particular position to make sure your business has the right coverage.

Step 5: Schedule shifts for a week

Use the scheduler to add shifts to your first weekly schedule.

Step 6: Publish the schedule

When your weekly schedule is complete, publish the schedule to notify your staff about their shifts.

Next steps

Now that you’ve scheduled your first week, you might want to:

Updated on August 13, 2019

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