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If you want to avoid sending your users too many notifications when you’re building the schedule, don’t publish shifts one at a time. Instead, publish the schedule for longer time periods and we’ll do our best to minimize notifications.

When are users notified?

To make sure your employees are aware of their shifts, When I Work notifies your employees when:

  • You publish shifts that are assigned to them using the Publish & Notify button or by publishing the shift individually.
  • You save changes to a shift that is already published.
  • You publish OpenShifts that they’re eligible to take.
  • You offer OpenShifts to them.

Users have the ability to change their personal notification preferences to opt out of schedule update notifications.

How can I reduce publish notifications?

When I Work automatically batches notifications when you publish many shifts at once. That means your users receive one notification when you publish the schedule for a day, week, or month all at once.

Avoid publishing shifts one at a time as you create them.

  • When you add a shift based on a shift template, it automatically appears on the schedule in an unpublished state.
  • When you add a custom shift, click Save to add it to the schedule without publishing it.

When you’re finished building the schedule for a day, week, or month, publish the entire schedule.

Updated on October 3, 2022

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