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Using Schedule Templates

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Schedule templates allow you to create a daily or weekly schedule that is reusable. If your schedules are very similar from day to day or week to week, use a template to save time and avoid creating schedules from scratch.

You may use an already existing schedule or create a new one to use as a template.


  • Templates can be made for daily or weekly schedules, but not two week or monthly schedules.
  • Templates do not include repeating shifts by default. You can choose to include them when saving.

Saving a Template

  1. Click Scheduler.

  2. Create a daily or weekly schedule that you’d like to use again in the future.
  3. Click , then click Save As New Schedule Template.save schedule template
  4. Enter a name for the template. The description is optional. Check Include Repeating Shifts to include all repeating shifts in your template.
    Save new template
  5. Click Save Template to save the template.

Loading a Template

  1. Click Scheduler.

  2. Select the day or week where you want to load the template.
  3. Click , then click Load Schedule Template.
    load schedule templateA list of your saved templates appears.
    Load template modal
  4. Click a template to load it into the current daily or weekly schedule.
  5. Choose how you’d like the shifts in your template to be applied:
    • Overwrite Conflicts: Removes any duplicated or conflicting shifts from the schedule.
      Overwrite conflicts
    • Allow Duplicates: Keeps duplicated shifts that will load from the template to the schedule.
      Allow duplicates
    • Avoid Conflicts: Will move any conflicting or duplicated shifts in the template to the OpenShifts row.Avoid conflicts
    • Load to OpenShifts: Will move all shifts into the OpenShifts row.Load to openshifts
  6. Click Apply to finish applying the template.

Updating a Template

  1. Load a schedule template.
  2. Make updates to your template using the Scheduler.
  3. Click , then select Update Existing Schedule Template.update existing schedule template
    A list of your saved templates appears.
  4. Click a template to select it for updating. Select whether you want to include repeating shifts.
  5. Click Update Template to save the updates to the template.Update template

Deleting a Template

  1. Click Scheduler.

    • To delete a daily template, select Day view.
    • To delete a weekly template, select Week view.view picker
  2. Click , then select Load Schedule Template.
    load schedule template
  3. Click the Trash Can icon next to the template you want to delete.Delete template
  4. Click Delete Template to confirm that you want to delete the template.
    Delete template
Updated on April 20, 2023

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