How Does Free Attendance Work?

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The Free Attendance service offers core When I Work Time & Attendance features in addition to your Scheduling service at no cost for accounts with up to 75 users.

Free Attendance is Retired

Starting in February, 2021, the Free Attendance option is no longer available to be added to new or existing accounts. Check out our free trial instead to test out all of our Attendance features.

Free plan features

Free Attendance includes these features:

Paid features

Upgrade to the paid Attendance service at any time to gain access to these premium features:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Attendance service free? Is this a trial?

The Free Attendance service is not a trial. The service is free forever for up to 75 users.

What happens if my business grows past 75 users?

When you add the 76th user to your account, you’ll be automatically prompted to upgrade.

Can I switch from paid Attendance to Free Attendance?

Yes, if your account has 75 or fewer users. If you switch to Free Attendance, you will lose access to all paid features.

Updated on September 29, 2022

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