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If you are using both When I Work Scheduling and Attendance, the Time Tracker tool allows you to quickly compare scheduled shifts with actual clocked in hours. You can also clock your employees in to their shifts from this page.

Accessing the Time Tracker

  1. Hover over Attendance Attendance, then select Time Tracker Time Tracker.

  2. If you have multiple schedules, select the schedule that you want to view.

Viewing Shifts in the Time Tracker

The Time Tracker shows shifts that are coming up and scheduled in light gray, similar to the day view within the Scheduler. However, the Time Tracker also shows actual clocked in hours, so you can see visually if someone is on break, clocking in too early or leaving late.Time tracker

NOTE: Only employees with scheduled shifts appear on the Time Tracker.

Times in green indicate that the employee is currently clocked in. The start time is exactly when they were clocked in by either themselves or a manager.

Times in blue indicates that an employee has completed their assigned shift and successfully clocked out.

Gray lines along the top of a shift represent scheduled time. Hover your mouse over the gray line to see the scheduled shift overlay with what was actually clocked in.

If you have multiple schedules, times outlined in blue represent a shift worked on a different schedule. 

Times in dark green represent when an employee took an unpaid lunch break. Hover your mouse over the break to see the duration and start time of the break.


Clocking Employees In

If an employee forgot to clock in, you can quickly clock them in from this page.

To manually clock in an employee, click the cell for an employee and input a start time. Input an end time if you’d want to clock them out ahead of time too. You can also input a Position as well. Click Create when finished.

NOTE: You can also clock employees in and out for previous and future days by scrolling through the using either the calendar at the top left or by using the arrows.

Jump to a date

Jump to a specific date or today’s date using the navigation options in the top right corner.

  • Click Left or Right to navigate to the previous or next day.
  • Click Calendar button to select a specific date from the calendar. The selected date is highlighted in green on the calendar, and the current date is highlighted in yellow.Time tracker calendar
  • Click the Today button to switch your view back to the current date.
Updated on March 26, 2021

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