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Automatically Deduct Scheduled Breaks

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You can have unpaid breaks automatically deducted from timesheets if your users don’t punch in or punch out for breaks on their own.


  • When I Work recommends this feature be used when users have regular unpaid breaks entered as a part of their schedule and there is no requirement for them to punch in or punch out for breaks.
  • Update any short shifts you used previously to simulate the auto-deduct function.  You must enter the amount for the break in the Unpaid Break field of a shift.
    For example, if you created two four hour shifts with a half hour break in between the two shifts, the break will not be auto-deducted.


  • You must have admin or manager (with “Can Manage Timesheets and Pay Periods” enabled) level access to enable the auto-deduct function.
  • Shifts must be at least 4 hours in length for the auto-deduct function to work.
  • If used in conjunction with the Take Lunch button, a user punched break will override an auto-deducted scheduled break.
  • The auto-deduct function only applies to shifts worked after the setting is enabled.

Enable the feature

  1. Hover over Gear, then select Attendance Settings Attendance Settings.

  2. Scroll down to Breaks, then click Automatically Deduct Unpaid Breaks When Scheduled.
  3. Click Save in the top-right corner of the screen.

View auto-deducted breaks

You can view and verify automatically deducted scheduled breaks in timesheets for your users. Click on the break if you need to correct it or delete it.

Auto-deducted breaks that cross pay periods

If a worked shift crosses a pay period boundary, the break will be automatically deducted as follows:

  • If at least 4 hours is worked on the last day of a pay period, the break applied to the day the shift started.
  • If less than 4 hours is worked on the last day of a pay period, the break applied to second day of the shift.
  • If neither day has more than 4 hours, the break applied to second day of the shift.
Updated on February 3, 2023

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