Editing Pay Periods

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Editing pay periods ensures your account does not have overlapping, duplicate, or gaps between pay periods.


Editing the pay period to change the dates of your export?

Try our custom timesheet export instead.

How to edit pay periods

  1. Hover over Attendance Attendance, then select Time Sheet Timesheets.

  2. On the top left of the screen under Pay Period, select the specific pay period in need of editing.
  3.  Click More button, then select Edit Period Dates.
  4.  A popup appears where you can edit the Start and End Date for the pay period.
    NOTE: If the previous pay period is closed, the system forces you to start your next new pay period on the following date to prevent a gap between pay periods.
  5. If the selected dates for the pay period impacts other pay periods, a warning message displays.
  6. Once you have completed setting up your custom Start and End Date for the pay period, click Save.
Updated on March 26, 2021

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