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Using the Dashboard (Scheduling Only Accounts)

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The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of what’s going on in your business.

If you use Time Clock & Attendance with Scheduling, see the this Dashboard article instead.

Today’s Schedule

Today’s Schedule shows who’s working now and who will be working in the next twelve hours. Today's Schedule

  • To view shift details or find a replacement, click Gear menu on the left side of the shift.
  • To send your staff a message, click Message Staff,
    Requires supervisor, manager, or account holder access privileges.
  • To sync the schedule to your favorite calendar app, click Message Staff.
  • To view the schedule for a specific schedule, click All Scheduels, then select the schedule.
  • To view up to 100 shifts, click Expand.

Available Open Shifts

Available Open Shifts shows the upcoming OpenShifts that you are eligible to take for the next two months (up to 500 shifts). Available Open Shifts

  • To take an OpenShift, hover your mouse pointer over the shift, then click Take Shift.
  • To view more information about an OpenShift, hover your mouse pointer over the shift, then click Info.
Updated on September 18, 2017

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