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Syncing Your Schedule to a Calendar App

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When I Work allows you to sync the work schedule to other calendar applications.

Use calendar sync to:

  • Overlay your work schedules on top of you existing personal calendar.
  • Let friends and family see your work schedule, even if they don’t use When I Work.
  • Overlay published shifts from multiple schedules as an admin, manager, or supervisor.
  • View and print monthly schedules if you’re on a legacy plan that does not include month view, such as Basic (limited).

You can also set up calendar sync on your iPhone or iPad.

How does calendar sync work?

When I Work calendar sync uses an open standard called iCalendar to share the work schedule with third-party calendar applications and services.

How often does calendar sync update?

Calendar applications typically refresh the When I Work schedule on a regular interval, which can vary from several minutes to several hours depending on the application. Some calendar applications may allow you to change the refresh interval and some may not.

When I Work Does Not Control Calendar Sync Frequency

For the most current information about your schedule, we recommend viewing your upcoming shifts through the When I Work web app or mobile apps.

How do I get help with calendar sync?

If you need help setting up or troubleshooting calendar sync, contact the maker of the calendar app or service that you’re using. Our Customer Care team cannot provide support for third-party software.

Step 1: Get the calendar sync link

  1. From the  My Schedule page
  2. In the top right, click Calendar SyncMy schedule page with Calendar Sync button highlighted
  3. Copy the link for the schedule view you’d like to sync:
    • My Schedule: Includes only shifts that are assigned to your name in your calendar app.
    • OpenShifts: Includes only OpenShifts that haven’t been picked up yet.
    • Entire Schedule: Includes all shifts and OpenShifts for your workplace. If your workplace has more than one schedule, you can choose to sync the schedule for a specific schedule by selecting it from the menu.

Step 2: Add the link to your calendar application

The process to add the When I Work link to your calendar varies by application:

  • If your calendar application supports iCalendar links, you may be able to paste the link directly into the application.
  • If your calendar application expects an .ics file, paste the When I Work calendar link into a web browser to download the file, then open the .ics file in your calendar application.

Instructions for common calendar applications:

Updated on March 26, 2021

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