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Finding a Replacement for a Shift

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If your employee can’t make it to their shift, you can find a replacement to quickly find another employee who can work the shift. The first employee to accept the shift will be automatically assigned the shift to their schedule.

You can also find a replacement from your iPhone or Android phone.

From the Scheduler

  1. Click Calendar Scheduler.

  2. Hover your cursor over the shift for which you need to find a replacement, click More button, then click Find Replacement.
  3. Select the employees you’d like to be able to pick the shift up, then click Offer Shift. Only qualified employees who aren’t already scheduled for a shift show as replacement options. If an employee accepts the shift, it’s automatically reassigned.Employees are sent an email letting them know the shift is available. If you click to edit the shift after a replacement request has been initiated, click View Request at the bottom of the window to view the details of the replacement request.
Updated on November 20, 2019

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