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Determine how your staff uses the app by configuring your company’s app settings. To configure, hover over Gear, then select Settings General Settings.

Things to know before you begin

You must be a manager or account holder to view and modify your company’s app settings.

Communicate settings changes to employees

To avoid confusion among employees, be sure to inform them of any changes to the account’s App Settings.

General Settings

The App Settings section at the top of the page allows you to:

  • Add or change your logo
  • Change the account name and ID
  • Set business listing information (business location and industry)
  • Change time settings (time zone, start day of the work week, and time format)
  • Change the currency symbol


Overtime settings allow you to set weekly, daily and double daily thresholds. This setting controls of overtime on the timesheets. For more information, check out Setting Overtime Thresholds.


WorkChat is a feature that allows you and your staff to send messages and images in real time without exchanging personal contact information. For more information, see Managing WorkChat.

  • WorkChat is available for plans that support 1,000 or fewer users.
  • WorkChat cannot be enabled for an account with over 800 users.

Time Off Requests

This section allows you to control how time off requests work. The large toggle switch on the left enables and disables time off requests completely.

These settings help you manage time off requests:

  • Require Approval for Employees: Select whether employee’s time off requests are automatically approved or require manager approval.
  • Require Approval for Supervisors: Select whether supervisor’s time off requests are automatically approved or require manager approval.
  • Show Approved Time Off Requests to All Users: Select to show approved time off requests to all users on the Scheduler page.
  • Days Notice Required For Time Off?: Enter the number of days in advance employees are required to schedule a time off request.
    • This requirement does not apply to sick time.
    • This restriction does not apply to account holders, managers or supervisors.
    • Enter 0 if no notice is required.
  • Max Paid Hours Per Day?: Enter the maximum number of paid time off an employee can enter for a time off request.
    • Enter 24 to disable the limit.
    • Enter 0 to disable paid time off.

Employee Privacy

Prevents your employees from seeing other employees’ names and contact information on the Coworkers tab. For more information, see Enabling Privacy for All Employees.


The Scheduler Settings Scheduling Settings tab appears under Gear if your account uses the Scheduling feature. For more information, see Scheduling Settings.


The Attendance Settings Attendance Settings tab appears under Gear if your account uses Time Clock & Attendance. For more information, see Attendance Settings.

Updated on May 29, 2019

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