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Whether you’ve recently added new employees or need to downsize your When I Work account, you can change your plan to suit your needs.


  • You must have account holder access privileges in order to change plans.
  • Changes to monthly subscriptions take effect immediately.
  • Annual subscriptions cannot downgrade to smaller plan sizes; however, they can still upgrade to larger plan sizes.


  1. Hover over Gear, then select Billing Account & Billing.

  2. Near the middle of the screen, click Change Plans.
  3. Review the scheduling plans, then click the plan that best fits your needs:
  4. Select additional products. Click the check box to the left of the product name to add the product to your plan. 
  5. Click Change Plans in the bottom right corner of the page to review your selections.
  6. If necessary, click or – to change the number of users allowed in your account. Users include employees, supervisors, managers, and the account holder.
  7. Click Purchase to confirm your changes. Your changes take effect immediately.
Updated on November 20, 2019

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