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If you have employees that are located in different time zones than your primary location,

Set the time zone for your workplace in app settings

On the App Settings page, is the time zone setting which is the base time that the entire app will use.

Set the time zone for specific employees

If there are staff located in other time zones, they (or their manager) can set a “custom time zone” which will shift their personal view of the schedule and time-sheets away from the zone set in the app settings.

For example, if the app runs on Central Time and an employee is scheduled for 12:00pm-3pm, but they are set to Pacific Time, that employee with the custom time zone set to Pacific Time would see it as 10am-1pm. Staff on Central Time would see that shift as 12pm-3pm.

Any time-punches would be translated the same way as well.

To avoid having to manually remember the difference in time-zones it is usually best to have staff scheduled in another time-zone handled by someone in the same zone, otherwise you will need to remember to account for the time-difference.

Please connect with our Customer Care Team to decide on how to best set up your business in multiple time zones.

Daylight saving time

Is your business operating in an area using daylight saving time (DST)? We recommend using browsers such as Chrome to ensure you are viewing the shifts on your schedule properly. Due to the way Safari interprets Daylight Savings changes, it is automatically changing the times regardless of what is listed in the When I Work app.

Updated on April 13, 2017

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