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The time zone set for a workplace determines what time zone schedules and timesheets are created in. If you have employees in different time zones, you can set their custom time zone so they can view their shift times based on their local time zones.


  • You must be the Admin to adjust the account’s time zone setting.
  • You must be a Supervisor, Manager, or Admin to change an employee’s custom time zone setting.
  • Each workplace can only be set in one time zone. Changing your workplace’s time zone setting will adjust shift times on the schedule. If you use When I Work Time Clock & Attendance, time punches are also adjusted.

Setting your workplace’s time zone

Your workplace’s default time zone is based on your location when the workplace is created.

  1. Hover over Gear, then select Settings General Settings.

  2. From the Time Zone menu, select the time zone you’d like to set for your workplace.Time Zone menu in App Settings
  3. When you’re done, click Save in the top-right.

Your schedule’s shift times are adjusted based on the time zone difference. If you use Time Clock & Attendance, time punches are also adjusted.

Set a custom time zone for an employee

If you have an employee in another time zone, you can set a custom time zone to translate their shift times to their time zone. Custom time zones affect how the employee views their schedule. Employees can also set their own custom time zones in their profile.

  1. Hover over Workplace, then select Employees Employees.

  2. Click on the employee’s profile.
  3. Click the Advanced Details tab.Advanced Details callout on Employee Profile
  4. Click the checkbox next to Use Custom Time Zone.Use Custom Time Zone in Advanced Details
  5. Use the menu to select the employee’s local time zone.
  6. Click Save Employee.

The employee can now view shifts in their time zone.

Updated on March 26, 2021

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