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Set up overtime thresholds so users are paid extra depending on how many hours they work within a certain time frame. You can adjust the thresholds to calculate weekly, daily, and daily double overtime. For example, if the weekly overtime threshold is set to 40 hours and a user works 42 hours in one week, they would be paid for two hours of overtime.

For more information on how overtime works, see How Overtime is Calculated.


  • You must have admin or manager level access to adjust overtime thresholds.
  • Weekly and daily overtime are paid at 1.5 times the normal rate.
  • Daily double overtime is paid at 2 times the normal rate.


  1. Hover over , then select  General Settings.

  2. In the Overtime section, enter your thresholds in the Calculate Weekly OT After, Calculate Daily OT After, and Calculate Daily Double OT After.
    Turning off overtime

    If you do not pay overtime, uncheck the box above the overtime type.

  3. When you’re finished, click Save in the top-right corner of the screen.

After you set your overtime thresholds, close out a finished pay period to automatically calculate overtime based on the thresholds set.

Updated on February 3, 2023

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