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Enabling Privacy for All Employees

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If you want to prevent users with an Employee access level from viewing all other users with an Employee access level, you can enable global employee privacy in the General Settings. This will prevent users from seeing the Coworkers tab, the Schedule, and Swaps and Drops.


  • You must be a admin or manager to enable global employee privacy.
  • The global employee privacy setting overrides the privacy setting that is available to individual employees.
  • The global employee privacy setting is available in the web app only. However, the setting affects the web app, iPhone/iPad app, and Android app.

How global employee privacy works

When employee privacy is enabled in the General Settings:

  • Employees cannot see other employees’ names or contact information on the Coworkers tab.
  • Employees can still see supervisors, managers, and their email addresses.
  • Employees can no longer change their individual privacy settings.
  • Employees cannot swap shifts. Employees can drop shifts to their coworkers. When dropping shifts, employees will not see any personal information about their coworkers.
  • supervisors and managers can still see all employees.


  1. Hover over Gear, then select Settings General Settings.

  2. Click the toggle next to Employee Privacy.
    employee privacy tab
  3. Click Save near the top of the page.
Updated on April 8, 2022

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