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Allow Clocking In From a Work Computer

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If your employees use computers at work, you can let them clock in and out from their computers when they’re logged in to the When I Work web app.

Things to know before you begin

  • You must have manager or account holder access privileges to enable or disable time clocks in app settings.
  • Your internet connection must have a static IP address to allow employees to clock in from computers located at your place of business. If you don’t know whether you have a static IP, contact your internet service provider.

Step 1: Add IP addresses to your schedules

An IP address is similar to what your house number is on your street, but to your internet connection. Having your IP address set up ensures that your employee can only clock in when they are using a computer in your network.

  1. Hover your pointer over Gear near the top-right corner of the page, then click Schedules.
  2. Click on the name of a schedule to add an IP address.
  3. Set the IP Address. If you’re currently at the schedule location, click Location to set the IP address automatically.
    Edit schedule menu
  4. Click Save Schedule.

Repeat these steps for each schedule if you have more than one.

Step 2: Turn on the Work Computer time clock option

  1. Go to your name at the top right corner and select App Settings.
  2. Click the Attendance tab on the left side.
  3. Under Work Computer, click the toggle to move it to the on position.Time Clock settings
  4. Click Save.

Next Steps

Let your employees know they can use work computers to clock in and out from the When I Work web app.

Updated on November 16, 2017

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