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At first glance, your My Schedule page just allows you to view your schedule two weeks at a time. But it’s not just that – it’s your personal portal in regards to any aspect of your schedule at your company.

View your schedule

To view this page, log into your account and click My Schedule at the top.

Here’s a list of all the actions you can make on this page:

  1. Acknowledge your shifts*
  2. Scroll through past and upcoming shifts, two weeks at a time
  3. Sync your schedule to your favorite calendar app
  4. Set your availability*
  5. Print your schedule
  6. View shift details
  7. Swap or drop a shift
  8. Split a shift*
  9. See who’s working with you*
  10. Request time off
  11. Take OpenShifts

*These features can be available depending on how your manager sets up your account.

Acknowledge your shifts

Let your scheduling managers know you have seen your shifts if your employer’s account has the Shift Acknowledgement feature enabled. Check out the separate article titled Acknowledge Your Shifts for more information and images on how this feature works.

View past and upcoming shifts

Scroll through your schedule two weeks at a time by using the left and right arrow buttons at the top. Click Today to quickly go back to the current week at anytime.

Sync your schedule

Click Calendar Sync to view your shifts on a calendar app such as iCal or Google Calendar.

Note: This feature can also be accessed on the Dashboard.

Copy the appropriate link and paste it into your preferred calendar app.

For more information on where to paste these links, take a look at the article Syncing Your Schedule to a Calendar App and scroll down for instructions on using iCal and Google Calendar.

Set your availability

Click Availability to let your scheduling manager know when you prefer to work and when you would rather not work.

Note: You can also access this feature by going to your name at the top right corner and selecting My Availability.

For more details, check out Setting Availability Preferences.

Download a printable view to your computer by clicking the Printer icon at the top right corner.

From the Print Preview page, you can edit how your printed schedule will appear by adjusting the Print Options to On or Off on the left side.

  • Colors: Colors appear as flags on the left side of your shifts. Turn colors off if you do not want your shifts to be flagged with colors.
  • Positions: Turn this off if you do not want your Positions listed underneath the time of your shifts.
  • Shift Notes: Turn this off if you do not want Shift Notes appearing on the print out. (Note: Job Site Details are included no matter what.)
  • End Times: Turn this off if you only want to see when your shift starts.
  • Availability: Turn this on if you want to see when you’re unavailable on the schedule.

You can also decide if you’d like to print only specific Positions or Locations by using the Print By section.

Click Print PDF at the top left corner to download the printable view to your computer. Once it is downloaded, you can open up the PDF and print a physical copy.

View shift details

Click on a shift to view all details about your shift.

You can view the start and end time, the location (and address if that has been setup by a manager), job site (address if setup), job site notes, and shift notes.

Swap or drop a shift

Click on the shift you’d like to swap or drop.

There will be a Swap Shift button and a Drop Shift button at the bottom of the pop up.

View the article Trading Shifts with Coworkers for more details.

Note: The options will be grayed out if there are no shifts to swap with or if there are not any employees available to pick up the drop.

Split a shift

If you have a long shift and only want to work a part of it, you can split your shift and then offer the split shift up as a swap or drop. To split a shift, click on the shift you’d like to split. Then click Split Shift. Check out this link for more details.

Note: This option is only available if your manager allows it.

See who’s working with you

Click on the person icon when you have a shift for a quick glance of everyone you’re working with on that day.

Note: If your employer has turned off this feature, the person icon does not appear.

Request time off

Request time off from this page by hovering over a day you’d like off. Click on Take Time Off. A pop up will appear with various options. Check out the separate article titled Request Time Off for more details.

Note: This can also be done from the Tray icon at the top then selecting Request Time Off.

Take Open Shifts

You can pick up Open Shifts from this page if you are available and qualified. Look on your calendar if there is an OpenShift available and click on it.

Or you can go to the Available Open Shifts section at the bottom of the page.

Updated on April 13, 2017

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