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Viewing Your Coworkers’ Schedules

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If you want to know who you’ll be working with on a given day, you can use When I Work to view the full team schedule for your workplace.

This article describes how to view the full team schedule from your computer. You can also view the full team schedule from the iPhone or Android app.


  • Your employer has the option to prevent you and your coworkers from seeing the full team schedule.
  • Your employer can also set up the full team schedule so that you and your coworkers can only see shifts that match your positions.

Viewing the full schedule

  1. Hover over Calendar Schedule, then select Employees Team Schedule.

    NOTE: If Employees Team Schedule is missing when you hover your cursor over Calendar Schedule, your employer doesn’t allow you and your coworkers to view the full team schedule.

Using team schedule view

Viewing the schedule for a day, week, or month

By default, the full team schedule displays one week at a time. To view a different length of time, click Day, Week, or Month near the top of the schedule.Day, week, month view menu

  • To view the next day/week/month, click the right arrow near the top of the schedule.
  • To view the previous day/week/month, click the left arrow near the top of the schedule.Forward and back dates

Jumping to a particular date

Near the top of the schedule, click the calendar icon, then select the date that you want to view.Select date

Viewing a different schedule

If you work at multiple schedules, you can use the schedule menu in the top-left corner of the page to switch between them.

Coloring shifts by position

By default, shifts appear in the colors set by your employer. If you want to see which shifts correspond to a particular position, you can display shift colors by position instead.

In the upper-left corner of the page, click Position to show shift colors based on position.

NOTE: If your employer hasn’t set a color for each position, the shifts are colored gray.

Showing and hiding shifts based on position

If you only want to see shifts for specific positions, use the Positions selector on the left side of the page to uncheck the positions you want to hide:Position Filter

For more information about filtering by position, see Filtering the Schedule.

Viewing the schedule for a specific coworker

  1. Switch to month view by clicking Month near the top of the schedule.
    Switch to month view
  2. From the employees menu on the left side of the page, select a coworker.
    Coworker view menu in month view
Updated on November 20, 2019

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