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Ramp Up for the Season – Account Reactivation Guide

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This guide includes recommendations for seasonal business that need to ramp up their account for the upcoming busy season.

Before you begin

If your account is currently hibernated, reactivate it. You must have admin access privileges in order to reactivate a hibernated account. See Reactivate Your Account.

Ramp up for the season

Add users

As you ramp up, Users can be added in increments of ten from the Account & Billing page by the admin.

Reactivate archived user profiles

If you have seasonal staff that were archived after the season, there’s no need to recreate their profile. You can reactivate their profile. Please keep in mind that they will not be notified when they are reactivated.

If a user wasn’t removed last year, they will not have to register again. They can use the same email and password from last year. If the password has been forgotten, they have the option to reset it.

Import your staff

Use the user import feature to get all of your staff added quickly. With the import, you can get all of your staff’s information imported into When I Work, get them assigned to schedules and positions, then invite them to When I Work when you’re ready.

Review schedules

Want to review what was done previously? The at the top right of the scheduler includes an Export Schedule option that lets you to pull a custom date range. This serves as a good reminder for last year’s shifts, total hours per user, and budgets (if used).

Create Schedule Templates

Want to create shifts quickly? Schedule templates can be used to copy a previous schedule, then used to help you start scheduling immediately.

Communicate news to your team

Reach out to your team to keep them informed about your plans to ramp up. You can check in with individual users, or start a group message that goes out to your full staff. WorkChat is a great way to communicate with your users in real time.

Refresher training

Whether it’s for managers or employees, we’ve got free training available to get you and your staff up to speed again with When I Work.

Updated on February 6, 2023

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