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Attendance Alerts & Exempt Status

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If you have employees that do not need to clock in or do not need overtime calculated, you can disable attendance reminders and prevent overtime from being calculated for them.

Disable attendance reminders and mark an employee exempt

Hover over Workplace, then select Employees Employees.

From there, select the employee that you want to edit these settings for then go to the Payroll/Wage tab.

By default, both options are deselected. Every employee has to clock in for a shift and will be calculated with overtime.

Edit payroll / wage tab

Employee is Exempt

Enable this setting to make an employee exempt from overtime pay calculations.

Why would you use this?

If you have employees that do not qualify for overtime pay, then you will want to enable this setting for that employee. One example of this would be a salaried employee.

Allow Timesheet Editing & Disable Attendance Alerts to Management

This setting allows the employee to edit their own timesheet so they do not need to clock in for a shift. This setting overrides the global setting Allow Employees to Enter and Edit Their Own Timesheets in Attendance Settings.

When enabled, managers do not receive clock in and clock out alerts about their employees. In addition, managers do not receive attendance notices on their Dashboard regarding the employee. This setting does NOT disable attendance alerts sent to the employee.

Why would you use this?

If you have employees that are salaried or managers don’t need to track their clock in times, you will want to enable this setting.

Updated on December 18, 2019

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