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Changing Your Privacy Preference

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Each employee can turn their privacy settings on or off from the web app or iPhone/iPad.

  • When privacy is turned off, your fellow coworkers can view your contact information from the Coworkers tab on the web app and mobile apps.
  • When privacy is turned on, your coworkers can only see your name and picture.


  • Your employer has the option to enable privacy for all employees. If your employer has done so, you cannot change your personal privacy setting.
  • If you are a manager or account holder, enabling the privacy setting hides your phone number but does not hide your email address. Your email address is still visible so that your employees can email you directly.

Changing your privacy setting

  1. Hover over your name, then select My Profile My Profile.

    Profile Menu My Profile
  2. Turn your privacy settings on or off by clicking the button below your profile image.
    My Profile Privacy SwitchBy default, this is automatically turned on (not sharing info with coworkers). If it is green, it is turned on (not sharing info with coworkers). If grey, it is turned off (sharing info with coworkers).NOTE: Supervisor and Manager contact information will always be available to employees whether or not their privacy settings are on.
  3. Click Save when finished.Save My Profile
Updated on November 20, 2019

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