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Shift acknowledgement is a verification measure that helps Managers and Supervisors ensure that employees have seen their scheduled shifts. Use shift acknowledgement to better communicate shifts with your employees and ensure employee accountability!

Things to know before you begin

  • When an employee acknowledges a shift, it means that he or she knows about the shift. It does not necessarily mean that the employee wants the shift or has accepted it.
  • By default, employees, supervisors, and managers are forced to acknowledge their shifts when they log into the app. You can disable this by turning off Require Shift Acknowledgement in the app settings.
  • Shift acknowledgement is included with specific plans. To find out if your plan includes shift acknowledgement, view the Account & Billing page.

How shift acknowledgement works for employees

The way employees acknowledge their shifts depends on whether Require Shift Acknowledgement is enabled or disabled the app settings.

When Require Shift Acknowledgement is enabled (default)

By default, employees are forced to acknowledge their shifts any time they log into their When I Work account.

If an employee has future shifts that need to be acknowledged, this dialogue appears:

The dialogue only disappears once the employee has acknowledged the shifts.

When Require Shift Acknowledgement is disabled

When a new schedule is created and published, employees can view their schedules from their individual My Schedule pages.

This page can be accessed by hovering over your name at the top right corner and selecting My Schedule.

Shifts that are in yellow are new and not yet acknowledged. An employee will want to click Acknowledge Shifts to confirm that they have seen their shifts.

As soon as the shifts have been acknowledged, all of the shifts will turn white and the alert will disappear.

Viewing shift acknowledgements in the scheduler

After the shifts have been acknowledged, a green badge with a check mark will appear to the left of their name on the Scheduler. This indicates that they have seen and acknowledged all of their shifts for the current week.

If there is a yellow badge with three dots to the left of their names, this indicates that they have confirmed some shifts but not all.

When the badge is yellow, you can hover over the badge to see which shifts have and haven’t been acknowledged. A green check mark will appear on the shifts that have been acknowledged, and a red exclamation point will appear on shifts that have not.

If there is no badge next to their name, that means that none of their shifts have been acknowledged for the current week.

Updated on June 19, 2017

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