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Auto-Assign Scheduling (Alpha)

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Auto-assign scheduling leverages the information already entered in your When I Work account to create a schedule. The feature automatically assigns unpublished OpenShifts to employees for you to review and publish.

Alpha Feature

The auto-assign feature is in Alpha testing and is slowly being rolled out to eligible accounts. If you would like to help us test auto-assign, please contact us.

Things to know before you begin

  • Auto-assign scheduling is only available in week view.
  • Shifts are automatically assigned to employees based on the following qualifications:
  • No more than one shift is distributed per employee per day.
  • Only unpublished OpenShifts are automatically assigned.
  • OpenShifts with no position are only eligible to be assigned to employees who profile is not tagged to any positions.


  1. Go to the Scheduler.
  2. Click Add to add OpenShifts. Make sure the OpenShifts remain unpublished.
  3. Click Auto-Assign Shifts. Auto-Assign Shifts button called out on the schedulerAn auto-assign confirmation screen appears. Run auto-assign message
  4. Click Run Auto-Assign. The shifts are automatically assigned in the scheduler.
  5. Click Save Shifts or Revert.
    1. Save Shifts saves the automatically assigned schedule.
    2. Revert places the automatically assigned shifts back into the OpenShifts row.Save or revert buttons called out when running auto-assignAfter saving the shifts, review the automatic assignment. Make changes manually if necessary.
  6. Publish & Notify your employees of the schedule.


How much does auto-assign scheduling cost? 

Auto-assign will be free to Alpha and Beta customers. Users with Alpha and Beta access to auto-assign will be notified in advance when a pricing structure has been established.

Does auto-assign take into account an employee’s availability preferences? 

At this time, the auto-assign scheduling feature does not assign shifts based on an employee’s preferred and unavailable hours set in the Availability section.

What if my employees do not have maximum hours set in their profile?

If an employee’s maximum hours is set to 0 in their profile, the employee can be automatically assigned no more than 40 hours per week.

Updated on January 29, 2019

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