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WorkChat Enhancements Release Notes

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What’s New?

WorkChat has been enhanced to fit exactly the type of communication you’d like for your staff to have access to. You can:

  • Use WorkChat in broadcast-only mode so managers can send out one-way messaging to all staff.
  • Empower employees to start and post in custom channels to communicate with one another. Custom channels can be one-on-one interactions or make a group channel to include multiple employees.


  • Added a new Onboarding experience for new WorkChat users.

  • Added a pinned Workplace channel to the top of the channels list that can be used for company wide announcements.

  • Added new settings to customize WorkChat to fit your business.

    • Allow supervisors and employees to post in the WorkPlace channel
    • Allow staff to create and post in additional channels
  • Receive WorkChat notifications on Android and iOS devices even when the app is closed.

More Information

For more information about WorkChat use the following articles as your guide.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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