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When I Work is excited to announce When I Work Payroll!

When I Work Payroll is designed to make it incredibly easy for small businesses to run payroll. When I Work Payroll is full-service. Itʼs always ready to run, with no importing or closing pay periods needed. When I Work Payroll is part of When I Work, meaning itʼs a single, user-friendly system.


When I Work Payroll includes the following feature set for launch:

  • Real-time payroll experience – Time entries are automatically synced and recalculated with payroll. No need to import and no more data issues between payroll and time systems.
  • Real-time insights – View and understand the cost of payroll in real-time.
  • PTO management and policies.

How it works

Employees track their time by clocking in and out of the mobile app and our payroll software calculates all the data in real time, including hours, breaks, overtime, and paid time off.

When I Work automates payments and tax filings to make everything transparent. The system automatically handles taxes and sends direct deposits. When I Work also files your payroll taxes with the IRS. 

More information

For more information, check out the following resources:


Updated on March 14, 2024

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