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Wage Calculation Reference

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When I Work enables you to enter wage information for each employee and position you have added to your account. Wage information is useful to help forecast your labor costs while scheduling. Wage information is also available in timesheet exports and pay period summary exports.


All wage calculations in When I Work are provided for estimation purposes only. When I Work recommends any wage calculations used to pay employees be performed using your payroll provider using hours worked from When I Work.

If you do not use a payroll provider, always review data exported from When I Work. In addition, use the following as guidelines to ensure the most accurate estimates:

  • Keep wage information for employees up to date
  • Verify there are no missing time sheet entries, especially for worked time and paid time off
  • Verify you are accounting for local regulations
  • Verify any deductions that have been taken
  • When I Work calculates weighted average overtime on weekly and biweekly pay periods. If you have monthly or twice a month pay periods, you may need to account for weighted average OT to adhere to local regulations
  • Verify any custom exports you have created do not filter to omit certain hours.

Wage updates made to an employee in When I Work take effect upon the very next worked shift. It is not currently possible to schedule a wage change to take effect on a certain date.

Updated on April 15, 2020

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