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Tracking Hours in the Scheduler

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When I Work makes keeping track of employees’ hours easy as you’re building the schedule. In addition to seeing total hours for all employees for a day or week, you can see an individual employee’s:

  • Scheduled hours per day or week
  • Max number of hours they should be scheduled per week


  • When I Work shows you if you’ve scheduled an employee beyond their max hours but does not prevent you from scheduling shifts beyond an employee’s max hours.
  • If your time zone is different from the account’s time zone, hours will show as cut off at the workday start time in the account’s local time.
  • Tracking overtime hours? View overtime while scheduling with Overtime Visibility.

View an employee’s scheduled hours

Two numbers display below each employee’s name in the schedule while in week view, indicating their scheduled / max hours.

  • Scheduled hours: The total number of scheduled hours an employee has for the week. Scheduled hours include unpaid breaks.
  • Max hours: A manager can set the max hours an employee can work per week in the employee’s profile. The numbers below an employee’s name turn red if their scheduled hours exceed their max hours.

View total paid hours

Total paid hours are displayed at the bottom of the schedule in day and week view. You can view the total paid hours for assigned shifts, OpenShifts or a combined total.

  • Assigned shifts: shifts that are assigned to a particular employee.
  • OpenShifts: shifts that qualified employees can pick up.
  • Combined: both assigned and OpenShifts.

Press Down arrow button on the total paid hours row to select your preferred total paid hours filter.

Day view

Hourly totals at the bottom of the schedule show how many paid hours are scheduled throughout the day.

Workday start time

Daily hours totals cut off or split at the account’s workday start time.

Day view total hours

Week view

Daily totals of scheduled hours show how many paid hours you have scheduled per day.

Workday start time

Weekly hours totals cut off or split at the account’s workday start time.

Track max hours while scheduling

If you have set the max number of hours an employee can work in a week, When I Work shows you when an employee exceeds their max hours based on the hours you schedule.

When you’re scheduling a shift, shift templates show an Over Max label if the shift template would put an employee over their max hours per week.Over max hours

When you’re reassigning shifts from positions or month view, the Employee menu shows how many hours an employee would work over max hours per week if they were assigned a shift.Over max hours

Updated on March 26, 2021

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