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The When I Work Scheduling app for Android allows you to view your personal schedule and OpenShifts you’re qualified to take. You may also be able to view the full schedule for your workplace if your employer allows it.

If you have supervisor, manager, or account holder access privileges, check out our schedule views article for management.

Things to do before you begin

Make sure the When I Work Scheduling app is installed on your Android phone.

Schedule view options

To access the schedule, tap Menu button in the top-left corner of the screen, then tap Schedule.Schedule views

NameMy Shifts
PurposeView your personal schedule.
PurposeView the full schedule for your workplace.
NameOpen Shifts
PurposeView and pick up OpenShifts.
Callout Name Purpose
a My Shifts View your personal schedule.
b Schedule View the full schedule for your workplace.
c Open Shifts View and pick up OpenShifts.

You can swipe to the left and right to switch between schedule views.

View your personal schedule

Tap My Shifts to view shifts assigned to you.My Shifts view

  • Tap a shift to view more details or to initiate a swap or drop.
  • Tap an annotation (announcement) to view more details.

View the full schedule

Tap Schedule to view the full schedule for your workplace. If your employer has chosen to prevent employees from viewing the full schedule, only your personal shifts are visible.

Full Schedule view

NameLocation picker
PurposeFilter shifts by location.
NameBack button
PurposeGo to the previous week
NameDate picker
PurposeJump to a specific date.
NameForward button
PurposeGo to the next week.
Callout Name Purpose
a Location picker Filter shifts by location.
b Back button
Go to the previous week
c Date picker Jump to a specific date.
d Forward button
Go to the next week.

Tap a shift or annotation to view more details.

View OpenShifts

Tap Open Shifts to view OpenShifts that you’re qualified to take.OpenShifts view

  • Tap an OpenShift to view more information or pick it up.
  • Tap an annotation (announcement) to view more details.
Updated on April 13, 2017

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