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Whether you’re building a brand new account or updating your existing employee roster, the employee import feature has several benefits makes maintaining your employee’s information easy.

We offer an employee import template that streamlines the import process.

You can:

  • Add all of your users in advance without their email address so you can invite them when you are ready.
  • Make bulk updates to pay rates like annual raises or situational raises like hazard pay.
  • Make bulk updates to employee codes, which are impacted by your payroll provider.


  • We recommend using the When I Work employee import template for best results.
  • The following items are not updated during the import:
    • Current employee emails
    • Schedules
    • Positions
    • Tags
  • Your employee spreadsheet cannot contain any special characters. Make sure your spreadsheet contains only:
    • Letters
    • Numbers
    • Punctuation
    • Spaces
  • The following spreadsheet formats are supported:
    • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx, xls)
    • Comma-separated values (.csv)
  • Current employee’s profiles are also updated during a new employee import.
  • Headers are required in the import spreadsheet if not using the import template.
  • A first name, last name, and one of the following: email, phone number or employee ID is required for each employee to complete an import.

Before you begin

Import employee information

  1. Hover over Workplace, then select Employees Employees.

  2. Click more More button , then select Import Employees.Import Employees
  3. Click Upload File.
    Employee import dialog upload page
  4. Select and upload your spreadsheet file.
  5. After your file has been uploaded, match the fields that contain employee data. Click Continue when your fields are matched.
    Employee import dialog match page
  6. Review your employee import:
    • If you want to invite employees immediately, check Send Employees and Invite to When I Work.
    • If you need to add seats to your plan to invite more, select Upgrade Before Importing.
    • Correct any issues with your spreadsheet.

    Review employee import

  7. Click Import Employees.
  8. Click Close after the import completes.Employee import complete
Updated on November 19, 2020

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