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Auto Scheduling Enhancements Release Notes

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What’s New?

Auto Scheduling has been enhanced to give you more control over the distribution of auto scheduled shifts. In addition, improvements to copying schedules and loading templates makes any template an auto scheduling template.



  • Additional auto scheduling options can be customized including:
    • Respecting the maximum hours set in the employee’s profile.
    • The employee’s unavailable preferences.
    • The employee’s preferred work preferences.
    • Allowing multiple shifts to be assigned to an employee per day.
  • supervisors now have permission to use auto schedule.
  • Auto schedule now respects active schedule filters.
  • Schedule templates can be loaded directly to the OpenShifts row.
  • Shifts from the previous week can be loaded directly to the OpenShifts row.
  • Single shifts can be auto scheduled.

More Information

For more information about Auto Scheduling, use the following article as your guide.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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