Upgrading to a Paid Plan (Legacy)

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Upgrading to a paid plan allows you to access When I Work features beyond your free trial. When I Work offers different plans that allow you to configure your account to best suit your needs.

2022 Plan Content

This article covers the process to upgrade a free trial to a paid plan. If you are on a legacy plan and want to upgrade your plan see Switching to a Different Plan.

Legacy Billing Engine

This article covers account and billing content prior to July 17, 2023. Check out the non-legacy articles if your screen looks different.


  • You must have manager or admin access privileges to access the Account & Billing page in a free trial.
  • If a manager upgrades the account, they become an admin.
  • We accept payments via credit card only.

Change your plan

  1. Hover over , then select  Account & Billing.

  2. Click Change Plan.
  3. Review the plans.
    • Click See Full Feature List to view all the features for each plan.
    • If you’d like to compare monthly and annual pricing, click the Annually (5% discount) button.
    • If you have questions about plan offerings, click FAQs or Talk to Sales.
  4. (Optional) Toggle on the switch for Time & Attendance to add attendance features to your plan. 
    When toggled on, plan prices are updated to include attendance.
  5. Click Select Plan.
    The billing information screen appears.
  6. Enter the required credit card and billing information.
  7. Select the number of seats. Click + and  to select how many total seats you need in your account.
  8. Toggle on the switch for Annual Billing if you would like to pay for a year of service in advance. Annual subscriptions are one-time payments.
  9. Click Purchase.
Updated on July 17, 2023

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