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Easily review your employee’s unpaid lunch breaks and paid rest breaks in the timesheet export. After exporting timesheets, use the Breaks tab in the export to see details of your employee’s breaks.


  • Make sure the Breaks option is enabled in the account’s Attendance Settings.
    • Checking the box for ‘Let employees record unpaid breaks’ and/or ‘Ask employees about paid rest breaks’ adds the Breaks tab to the timesheet exports.
  • Automatically deducted and manually entered breaks do not appear on the breaks tab.

Reviewing breaks

To review breaks, export timesheets then click the Breaks tab in the export. 

For more information on how to export timesheets check out Exporting Timesheets.

Unpaid lunch breaks

If an employee took an unpaid lunch break, the start time and end time and the length of the break is recorded.

If the employee takes additional unpaid lunch breaks, the number of additional breaks is recorded in the Additional Lunches column.

If an employee took their paid rest breaks, ‘Y’ appears in the Rest Break Taken? column.

If the employee did not take their paid rest breaks, ‘N’ appears in the Rest Break Taken? column and the entry is highlighted in red. 

Updated on November 20, 2019

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