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Receiving Your Schedule By SMS

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When your manager invites you to the schedule, you will receive a welcome SMS message if your mobile number was inputted. Reply with YESWIW to get schedule updates via SMS.


If you are logged into the When I Work iPhone, iPad, or Android app, you will receive mobile alerts by push notification rather than SMS. If you prefer to receive SMS messages, log out of all When I Work apps.

Getting schedule updates using keywords

Reply to the number that reached out so you can receive notifications about your work schedule by SMS.

Here is a list of keywords that will give you instant updates about your work schedule:

  • SHIFT (Your next shift)
  • TODAY (Your shifts for the current day)
  • MONDAY (Shifts you’re scheduled for on Monday)
  • TUESDAY (Shifts you’re scheduled for on Tuesday)
  • WEDNESDAY (Shifts you’re scheduled for on Wednesday)
  • THURSDAY (Shifts you’re scheduled for on Thursday)
  • FRIDAY (Shifts you’re scheduled for on Friday)
  • SATURDAY (Shifts you’re scheduled for on Saturday)
  • SUNDAY (Shifts you’re scheduled for on Sunday)
  • HELP (Gives you some keywords and our email)
  • STOP (Cancel mobile alerts)
Updated on March 26, 2021

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