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Bid on OpenShifts (OpenShift Requests)

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Some OpenShifts may require pick-up approval by management. Bid on an OpenShift to express interest in a shift. Management then selects a user from the list of interested users to assign the shift.

You can also request to work OpenShifts on the web app or an iOS device.

Bid on OpenShifts

  1. From the When I Work Scheduling app, tap the Open Shifts Available card on the Dashboard.
  2. Tap the OpenShift that you want to take.
  3. Tap Request Shift.
  4. A confirmation appears at the bottom.
Pending Approval

After you submit your OpenShift request, it is sent to your manager for approval. You will be notified if you are approved to pick up the OpenShift.

Updated on September 20, 2023

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