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Absence tracking allows you to report when you cannot work an assigned shift that takes place within the next 24 hours. When you report an absence, the shift is removed from your schedule and management is notified. You can also report absences from an iOS or Android device.


This article walks through self-reporting absences. Users with admin, manager, and supervisor level access can report absences on behalf of a user. See Reporting Absences for Users for more information.

Report an absence

You can report absences from your My Schedule page.

  1. Hover over your name, then select  My Schedule.

  2. Click the shift that you’d like to report as absent.
  3. Click I Can’t Make It.
  4. Enter a note for your employer.
  5. Click Report when finished.Management is notified of the absence and the shift is removed from your schedule.

View your absences

Once you’ve reported an absence, you can use the Absences view to keep track of your past absences.

  1. Hover over , then select Absences.

  2. Review the list of absences.
Updated on February 12, 2024

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