Setting Up Repeating Shifts

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If you have a shift that regularly takes place at the same time, set it up as a repeating shift to save yourself time.


A shift can repeat for up to one year.

Creating a repeating shift

  1. When you’re adding a shift, click Repeat Shift.
  2. From the Repeat Every menu, select how often you want the shift to repeat.
  3. Under Ending, choose the date when the shift will stop repeating.

Editing a repeating shift

When you edit a repeating shift, you have the option to save changes for that shift only or all future repeating shifts.edit repeat shift

confirm edit

  • If you want your changes to update all following repeats, click Apply To All.
  • If you want your changes to apply to the current shift only, click Apply To One.
Updated on June 10, 2024

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