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You can import job sites using our import tool and pre-formatted spreadsheet. This feature is useful when you have a lot of job sites you want to add at once.

Set up your Excel spreadsheet

We recommend using our job site import template:

Job Site Import Template

If you don’t use our template, make sure you create the following columns:

  • Name of job site
  • Physical address of the job site (if applicable)
  • Schedules (if your job sites are schedule-specific)

Fill out the Excel spreadsheet

Add each job site to the spreadsheet:

  • Each job site should have its own row.
  • Each job site must have a unique name.
  • Job sites can be connected to one or all schedules. To tag the job site to all schedules, leave the schedule column blank. 

Upload your Excel spreadsheet to When I Work

  1. Hover over , then select  Job Sites.

  2. Click more , then select Import Job Sites.
  3. After your file has been uploaded, match up the columns within When I Work to your document’s column headers. Click the arrow button for each option to match them up. Select Complete Upload when done.
    Import job site dialog
  4. Once the upload completes, your new job sites populate on the Job Sites page.

    When importing Job Sites, addresses are not validated by Google Maps. If you use Time Clock & Attendance and location restrictions are enabled, click and re-enter the Job Site address. Ensure that the Google Map populates with the correct location so your users can clock in.

Updated on February 16, 2023

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