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Adding Unpaid Breaks to Shifts

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Add unpaid breaks to your employees’ shifts to calculate total paid hours for a specific day or week in a schedule.

How unpaid breaks work

Unpaid breaks are deducted from the total paid hours displayed at the bottom of the schedule, as well as from employees’ scheduled hours below their names.

If you enter employees’ wages and use the Budget tool in the Scheduler, unpaid breaks are also deducted from your labor costs.


  • If you use When I Work Time Clock & Attendance, unpaid breaks are not automatically deducted from employees’ worked hours unless Automatically Deduct Scheduled Breaks from Timesheets is checked in the Attendance Settings.
  • Enter unpaid breaks in minutes. For example, enter 30 for a 30-minute break.


When adding or editing a shift, use the Unpaid Break field to add an unpaid break. Remember to enter the break’s duration in minutes.



For more details, see Scheduling a Shift.

Updated on November 20, 2019

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