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Adding Unpaid Breaks into the Schedule

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For Labor Budget calculations, you can enter in an unpaid break into any shift on the Scheduler. Unpaid beaks are in decimal format, meaning that entering in “0.5” is a half hour break, and “1” is a one hour break.

Things to know before you begin

If you are also using Time Clock & Attendance feature, the Unpaid Breaks do not reflect into the Employee’s timesheets. The Employees will need to clock out for any unpaid time, and clock back in when they are done.

How unpaid breaks work

Any Unpaid Break time will be deducted from the total scheduled hours below the Employee’s names on the left hand side of the Scheduler, and also taken into account when using the “Budget” button in the Scheduler to view your Labor Budget.

If the total scheduled hours below an Employee’s name are negative, this means that you have them scheduled for more Unpaid Break time than you do paid time. A common mistake is entering in “30” instead of “0.5” for a half hour break.

Adding an unpaid break to a shift

Click on the scheduling cell where you would like to add in a shift for an Employee.

In the shift creation screen, you will see an option for “Unpaid Break”.

That is where you can enter in the total amount of Unpaid Break time you’d like to be associated with this shift.

Updated on September 18, 2017

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