Viewing Hourly Coverage in the Schedule

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Viewing hourly coverage helps you better visualize how many employees you have scheduled for a particular hour throughout the day.

Things to know before you begin

  • The hourly coverage graph is only available in day view. If you prefer to schedule in week view, you can view daily total hours at the bottom of the schedule.
  • Filtering your schedule by position or job site allows you to view hourly coverage based on the applied filters. Position and job site filters can be applied at the same time to allow you to filter your schedule based on your needs.

Viewing coverage for the entire schedule

  1. Go to the Scheduler.
  2. Choose Day in the drop down menu above the schedule.Day view

An hourly coverage graph appears at the bottom of the schedule.Day view coverage graph

Viewing coverage by position

Apply a position filter using the Positions menu to the left of the schedule. The hours change based on the applied position filter.

Viewing coverage by job site

Apply a job site filter using the Job Sites menu to the left of the schedule. The hours change based on the applied job site filter.

Updated on September 19, 2018

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