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If you notice a discrepancy in your timesheet, you can make the necessary corrections if your employer allows it.

You can also edit your timesheet from your iPhone or Android phone.


You can edit your timesheet if your employer allows it and the pay period is still open.

  • Open circle indicates the pay period is open; you can still make changes if allowed by your employer. Supervisors, managers, and the account holder can make changes.
  • Solid circle indicates the pay period is closed; you cannot make changes but managers with access to manage payroll and the account holder can.
  • Check circle indicates the pay period is finalized; no one can make changes unless the account holder reopens it.

Step 1: Select a pay period

  1. Hover over Attendance Attendance, then select Time Sheet Timesheets.

  2. In the Pay Periods list, select the pay period that you want to view.

Step 2: Edit your timesheet

Now that you’re viewing your timesheet, you can add, edit, and delete entries.

Add a time entry based on a scheduled shift

If you forgot to clock in and out for a shift, you can use the shift information to automatically create the timesheet entry.

  1. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Show Shifts.
    Scheduled shifts appear at the bottom of the day rows.Shift on a time sheet
  2. Find the shift that needs a timesheet entry.
  3. In the Details column, click Plus button at the right side of the shift.

Add or edit a clock in or out time

Edit the clock in or out time if you need to correct an error, or if you forgot to clock in or out.

  1. Click the cell that corresponds to the in or out time.
  2. Add or edit the time. Use “a” for A.M. and “p” for P.M.
    For example, enter 8:45a for 8:45 A.M.
  3. Press Enter or Return.

Add time entry

Add or edit time entry details

When you clock in for a shift, the details for the timesheet entry are filled in based on the shift. However, if the shift didn’t have the information or you weren’t scheduled to work, you may need to add details manually.

The timesheet entry details contains optional information, such as:

  • Lunch Break
  • Schedule (grey)
  • Position (blue)
  • Job site (green)
  • Notes (Note button)

To change any of this information, hover over the Details column of the timesheet, then click Add+ to make changes.Add Lunch Break on Timesheet

Add or edit a lunch break

If your employer’s settings allow for lunch break reporting, you can add or edit a lunch break on your timesheet.

  1. Hover over the Details column of the timesheet, then click Add+.
  2. Click Lunch Break.
  3. Add the duration of the break in minutes, then click Save. A Unpaid Break appears in the Details column of the timesheet.

Lunch break on timesheet

You can edit the duration or delete a lunch break. Click Unpaid Break in the Details column of the timesheet. A Correct Lunch Break screen appears.

  • Add the duration of the break in minutes, then click Save.
  • Click Delete to remove the lunch break.

Delete a timesheet entry

If you need to delete an errant timesheet entry, clear the In and Out times.

Updated on August 1, 2019

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