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What is a Parent/Child Billing Setup?

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Parent/child is a special billing setup where an admin is able to create and maintain multiple smaller accounts through a parent account. The parent account manages the billing and plan for the parent account and one or more connected child accounts. Other functions within each account operate as separate When I Work accounts.

When to use a parent/child setup

A parent/child setup helps simplify complexity if you:

  • manage different locations or branches that require different settings.
  • have locations in multiple time zones.
  • run a single business that needs to run payroll separately.

How billing works

admins manage the billing for all connected child accounts.

  • Each child has a user with the access level of admin, but all billing is solely managed by the admins.
  • All parent and child accounts that are connected are on the same plan type determined by the admin

    Parent/child setups are reserved for customers who have 100 or more users. If you have more than 100 users or are looking to expand to more than 100 users, our Customer Care team can assist in switching your existing accounts to a parent/child setup. Your existing When I Work accounts can be made into parent and child accounts.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can a user be registered to more than one account in a parent/child setup?

    Yes! Users can be registered to multiple associated parent/child accounts under the same email address. These users count as one user towards the plan’s total users. Check out how to use When I Work with multiple workplaces to get set up.

    Can connected parent and child accounts communicate with each other through WorkChat? 

    Since each parent and child account operate as separate accounts, each account has its own WorkChat and cannot communicate between accounts.

Updated on June 8, 2021

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