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Payroll Reference Guide for Managers

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Payroll provides a seamless way to transition hours worked into payments to your employees. You can manage pay periods, manage employee compensation, adjust employee deductions, and view payroll reporting.


  • Before you get started, the When I Work Customer Care team will initiate an on-boarding process. Contact us for more information.


Payroll is configured by adding additional details into each user’s profile. Check out Add Payroll Details to Users for more information.

Payroll Overview

Click Payroll to open the Payroll Overview screen

payroll overview screen

The payroll overview details screen enables you to:

  • Review a current payroll period.
  • View which payroll you need to run.
  • View payroll history.

Payroll Details

Navigate to Payroll, then click Review Payroll next to your latest payroll that needs a review.

payroll details screen

The Payroll Details screen is where all your payroll details are managed before submitting payroll. You can:

  • Edit hours
  • Adjust earnings
  • View taxes
  • Change available payment method

Check out Review and Submit Payroll for more information.


Navigate to the Profile drop-down, then click Paystubs.

paystubs screen

The Paystubs screen is where you can view and download your paystubs.

Check out Managing Your Paystubs for more information.

Updated on March 5, 2024

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