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Create and Manage Child Accounts

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If your account has a parent/child billing setup, additional child accounts can be added from the parent account’s Account & Billing page.

For additional information on parent/child billing setups, see What is a Parent/Child Billing Setup?.

Add a child account

  1. Hover over , then select  Account & Billing.

  2. Click Add Account in the “Manage Accounts” section.add account button
  3. Enter the details of the child account:
    • Account Name
    • User Cap
    • Timezone

    create child account dialog

  4. Choose your account admins.
  5. (Optional) Click Copy data from another account to copy workplace objects and settings. Select the account to copy from, then choose what you want to copy. Workplace objects include:
    • Schedules
    • Schedule Templates
    • Shift Templates
    • Positions
    • Job Sites
    • Task Lists
    • Tags

    copy workplace objects

  6. Click Create Account.

Add Admins to child account

      1. Hover over , then select  Account & Billing.

      2. Click  next to the account you want to edit.edit child account
      3. Click  Add Admin.add admin
      4. Enter the details for the Admin, then click Add.
      5. Click Save.add admin
Updated on September 9, 2022

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